10 FAQ’s About Outsourcing Your Business Bookkeeping Function

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When it comes to business bookkeeping services there are a lot of options on the web in addition to hiring internal staff to manage as a full time employee.  Some of the online services are good while others have something to be desired. No matter what you have been doing or what your plans are for the future for your business bookkeeping needs, the hard truth is that you have to adapt if you are looking to grow your organization.



No matter what type of industry you are in, the current trend for back office and administrative work is moving towards an outsourced model. When it comes to outsourcing your business bookkeeping it all comes down to finding the right fit for you, your company and ultimately the health of your business. Entrusting the financial management of your business to a company that has the expertise, manpower, and scalability will ensure success.  A certified bookkeeping company with expertise in business needs provides the confidence that the organization is up to date on all of the liabilities as well as maintaining a positive cash flow.


When researching a company to outsource your business bookkeeping function it is imperative that they have an understanding of what you as a company want to achieve.  The flow of your company and the professionalism of theirs need to work in harmony so that monies are tracked, trends are measured, and plans can be made to achieve the goals of the organization. The first thing you want to look at is the company’s track record.  You want to see who their clients are, who they have worked with in the past, and what their goal and vision is for the future.  You want to spend time talking to those who will be involved in maintaining your business bookkeeping services in order to form a good working relationship. Those handling your bookkeeping functions will have an immense amount of power as they guide you through the choppy waters of your business’ finances.  Selecting a bookkeeping service that works more as a partner, like BooXkeeping that has a client-centric approach will set the right tone and standards for day to day work to be performed.


Simplifying the Business Bookkeeping Process


When running your business you are focused on getting out your products and services, building relationships with your customers, and driving sales.  The bookkeeping tasks should not be a distraction but instead a fluid process to manage. Getting bogged down with numbers, deadlines and personality conflicts takes away from the driving force of the organization. For this reason choosing the top of the top when it comes to bookkeeping services will be one of the most important business decisions that you will make for your company.  Take your time, do your research and when it is time to finally choose the bookkeeping services company that fits your needs, rest assured that checks and balances are in place to protect your most valuable asset.



10 FAQS to answer any questions you may have:

No. You maintain 100% control of all your financials. We simply take care of the bookkeeping.
You will have a Chief BooXkeeping Officer assigned to your account. This person will work on your account, master your unique processes, and be responsible for day to day servicing of your account.
In general, costs are based on the complexity and volume of each client. We determine the scope of services and establish a monthly amount so you can manage your budget. The expense of correctly setting your books up and maintaining them is much more cost effective than having to have your CPA correct them at year end. Furthermore, the benefits of having accurate and useful reporting throughout the year will assist in all aspects of successfully running your business.We encourage you to contact us for your free bookkeeping consultation and learn what the exact costs for your business would be.
Xero, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, AccountingSuite, and Sage.
NO. We only perform bookkeeping services. Since we do not perform attest or tax services, your CPA does not need to be worried that we are here to replace them. BooXkeeping values your relationship with your CPA and looks to improve the day to day record keeping so your CPA can make informed decisions based on accurate data.
Yes, we provide unlimited communication and integration with company's CPA or tax advisor.
No. Only with your company's express permission, this includes your CPA, advisors and specific employees. Restrictions can also be setup so that certain functions can be limited to those you do allow access.
No. All of our BooXkeeping services are performed in the US.
BooXkeeping acts as a seamless extension of your CPA firm and processes all activities from our San Diego Headquarters. Our bookkeeping experts and reviewers fully take care of all related client tasks, including QuickBooks/XERO/NetSuite/AccountingSuite/Sage downloads, bank/credit card reconciliations, and recording of uncategorized transactions.
Our Onshore White Label Bookkeeping Service adds between $80,000 and $100,000 of additional income to your bottom line without you spending a dime on your overhead.


For a complimentary assessment of your business bookkeeping needs contact BooXkeeping.